An informed membership is integral to a successful advocacy group. This includes regular email updates and Conference calls as needed. This also includes providing our members with the resources they need to present the best case to Congress. We provide talking points, templates, and will customize content for specific member requests. The SEA staff is accessible to all members.


A successful organization must be bottom up and not top down.  Our member committees allows our members to apply their talents and relationships to best help the cause. Committees help us draft language, develop our short and long term strategies, create communication outreach and carry out local grassroots operations.

Social Media

We are taken our fight for H-2B advocacy to the web and are developing social media campaigns. A presence on social media also allows us another avenue for communication with our membership. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


SEA was founded to apply persistent, disciplined, and effective grassroots advocacy of Congress. Without an organization dedicated to taking the information we receive from the H-2B community’s D.C. lobbyists and then mobilizing the appropriate H-2B program participants, the work of our D.C. lobbyists is much less effective. Effective organization is crucial to securing cap relief and to the continued viability of the H-2B program.

Data Collection and Correlation

We develop and maintain a database of all our members and Congressional Representatives and Senators in order to track all interactions, from emails, to calls to meetings. A comprehensive database is an important tool in to ensure that promises made are promises kept.

Government Affairs

Our lobbyists are only effective if we are successful in increasing the number of employers petitioning their representatives. They can keep us in the game but can’t get us to the game.  SEA helps set up Congressional meetings for its members, both in-district and in DC. We will give you every resource you need convince your Member of Congress of the importance of the H-2B program to your business and U.S. workers.