The Seasonal Employment Alliance was founded in 2017 as the successor to the Small and Seasonal Business Legal Center. SSBLC was founded in 2015 with the mission of promoting the H-2B program’s viability as an effective resource for seasonal employers.

The SSBLC Board and many members of the greater H-2B community determined that a strategic shift was needed to make better progress toward a long term sustainable and viable H-2B guest worker program.

SSBLC is now known as the Seasonal Employment Alliance (SEA). SEA’s primary focus is the application of persistent grassroots advocacy of Congress and the Trump Administration. SEA will spearhead the grassroots efforts to communicate to Congress the critical labor needs of our members, including driving and arranging Hill meetings with SEA member’s Representatives, summarizing and disseminating the intelligence gained back to our members, and importantly – driving the appropriate follow up with every member of Congress. SEA will also create and maintain a comprehensive database that will track these efforts. This information will allow us to better hold our Members of Congress accountable and will more precisely direct our lobbying activities.

Our revamped organization, and the H-2B industry, will now have a dedicated, first-class support team whose sole focus will be the application of persistent, grassroots oriented H-2B advocacy. Significantly increasing H-2B program user participation in our advocacy efforts is a priority for our new organization and is essential to achieving both short-term and long-term program reforms including cap relief.