ROUNDS: SD needs additional H-2B workers
January 30, 2019

Our office hears from South Dakota businesses all the time who are struggling to find employees to hire. For these businesses, being able to hire a few H-2B visa workers each year is a matter of staying open or facing the prospect of closing down.


Labor Secretary Calls for Overhaul of Low-Skill Immigration System
January 18, 2019

In the past, Congress has temporarily raised the cap on visas but has declined to do so in the last two years, giving discretion to federal agencies to set numbers. Last year, the semiannual cap was lifted by 15,000 to 47,000.

Mr. Acosta said he would support the same additional numbers this year. But he said he would prefer Congress to set the number, rather than hand it off to departments like Labor and Homeland Security.


Businesses Report Glitches on Reopened Seasonal-Work Visa Website
January 7, 2019

Some clients who submitted applications from outside the Amherst office received error messages, she said. “It definitely was not a level playing field,” said Ms. Wright, who worries that some clients may get shut out of the program because of the delays they encountered, even though they began the process when the system reopened.


Your Government at Work
January 4, 2019

We wish the feds could operate a website, but the larger problem is that the U.S. economy is creating more jobs than there are American workers to fill. Democrats now have a chance to show they can do something about the visa mess that Republicans failed to fix.


Government Visa Website Sidelined by Record Demand
January 2, 2019

The Labor Department received nearly 100,000 temporary worker visa requests in the first five minutes of New Year’s Day, an unprecedented demand that caused the online submissions portal to crash, the government said Wednesday.