SEA Announces Tremendous Support for H-2B Seasonal Employment Protection Act

Contact: Gray Delany
Executive Director, Seasonal Employment Alliance

November 28, 2023

Washington D.C. – The Seasonal Employment Alliance (SEA) is pleased to announce the tremendous support Senator Graham and Senator Padilla’s Seasonal Employment Protection Act is receiving from H-2B stakeholders.

Says SEA Chairman Roger Warren, President, Kiawah Island Golf Resort, “The Seasonal Employment Protection Act delivers permanent H-2B workforce certainty to our members and to the majority of current H-2B program users. Our duty, as an organization, is to the law abiding, current users of H-2B who are reliant on this program to supplement their full-time, year-round workforces. We are thankful to Senators Graham and Padilla for taking the lead on this historic legislation and are appreciative to the labor unions for working with us in good faith on a compromise that benefits H-2B stakeholders, American workers and H-2B workers. We urge our supporters in Congress to cosponsor the Seasonal Employment Protection Act.”

Today, we delivered two letters to Senator Durbin and Graham and Congressman Jordan and Nadler expressing the support for this legislation. The first letter shows the support from the leading trade associations representing H-2B program users. It is led by the National Association of Landscape Professionals which represents the largest using occupation of the H-2B program. The legislation is also endorsed by other leading associations representing H-2B program users including:

  • Golf Course Superintendent’s Association of America
  • Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association
  • HospitalityMaine
  • Outdoor Amusement Business Association
  • Concrete Masonry and Hardscapes Association
  • Natural Stone Institute
  • North Carolina Fisheries Association

The second letter is signed by over two hundred current construction users of the H-2B program. Says SEA Board Member Gary Woodworth, CEO, Gallegos Masonry, Wolcott, CO, “The Seasonal Employment Protection Act is huge win for current construction users of the H-2B program. Seasonal construction employers in states with harsh winters, such as we experience in Colorado, are dependent on this program to support our year-round, full-time American workers. This bill provides permanent workforce certainty to the majority of these users. A true Godsend! The program, in its current form, is exclusionary to all employers and occupations attempting to access it. This bill would provide much-needed certainty for long-time H-2B employers, including those in construction occupations and Gallegos Masonry is proud to endorse it.”

The legislation is gaining momentum with each passing day. In the coming weeks, we will release periodic updates on association support, Congressional support etc.


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