SEA Annual Meeting Recap

Despite cooler than average temperatures, the 2024 SEA Annual Meeting was a success. The feedback from the meeting was excellent. We provided a detailed analysis of processing times, DHS supplemental releases, which groups will receive their returning workers under which allocations and provided an overview of the Northern Central America initiative. Employers interested in recruiting NCA workers received valuable advice on the process from employers, agents and recruiters who have extensive experience in the NCA countries.

We hope all found the meeting informative and left with a improved strategic outlook and motivation to engage in our advocacy efforts. We were excited to be joined by several prospective members including the Biltmore Hotel and Estate and a well established H-2B recruiter.annual meeting collage

DOL UPDATE: Office of Foreign Labor Certification Administrator Brian Pasternak told us to expect DOL to run about 1-2 weeks ahead of last year’s processing times. He said their goal is to issue a first action on all applications (through Group G) by April 1st. DOL issued its final first actions to Group G on April 19th last year. We will provide continual updates on DOL’s processing times and projections over the coming weeks/months.

2024 SEA AUCTION: Thanks to our generous donors, fundraising extraordinaire Debbie Powers and our auctioneer Mitchell Horney, we raised over $37,500 at the 2024 auction. The Kiawah Golf Resort stay and play package went for $6,000 and the Maidstone golf round went for $3,800. The bacon for a year even went for $1,700!

These funds support the Seasonal Employer PAC. We will use the PAC funds to make targeted donations to members of Congress this year, starting with Senator Jim Risch (R-ID). Terry Forrester and Greg Osterhout hosted a fundraiser for Senator Risch on Friday, January 26th in Boise.

Thank You to Our Donors!

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