Update on additional visa release

Unfortunately, there has been no word from the administration since DHS’ H-2B listening session last Thursday. I received this short response to my follow up thank you email to DHS staffer Gary Merson.

Thank you, Gray.  Pls know that we are hard at work, reviewing the available data and in interagency discussions, to make a determination on the H-2B supplemental visa allocation.

You can read my response by clicking here.

As you are, we are exasperated by DHS’ inaction on the visa release. We hoped DHS’ intent was to make the announcement shortly after the listening session but this does not appear to be the case. We are circling back with the members of Congress who have spoken directly with Mayorkas to ask them to follow up with the Secretary. 

It is clear that DOL is holding up the release. Unions continue to drive the opposition. We have heard from two favorable Democratic Senate offices that they will not sponsor Graham’s H-2B to H-2A definitional change bill over labor’s concerns over working conditions and human trafficking. Even though this is just an excuse, we are authoring a one page response to this allegation.  

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