Seasonal Employer Videos

Seasonal employers explained their extensive efforts to hire American workers and called on Congress to raise the H-2B cap.

Aubrey Vincent, sales manager at Lindy’s Seafood of Woolford, MD, speaks of the importance of the H-2B program to the viability of her family business. Lindy’s Seafood was capped out in 2018 resulting in a decline in sales of 40%. Also, it is tough to recruit local workers when you need 90+ workers and only 150 people live in your town!

Judy Ogden, owner of Ogden’s Designs and Plantings of St. James, NY, speakers of her efforts to recruit American workers for her seasonal business on Long Island, NY. She has not received her H-2B workers for the 2019 season.


Nick Brummel, owner of Brummel Landscape of Kansas City, MO, speaks of how difficult it has been to retain U.S. workers. He is currently capped out of the program for 2019.

Chris Poinzani, owner of Poinzani Nurseries of St. Clairsville, OH, emphasizes that his H2B workers are a supplementary labor force. He is capped out this year and has struggled with American workers not showing up for interviews.

Hank Lavery, owner of Millennium Pools of Burke, VA, brings in 20 H-2B workers. Those workers support the jobs of its 120 U.S. workers but without his H-2B workers, Hank will have to lay off many of his U.S. workers.

Regency Roofing obeys the law by refusing to hire illegal workers yet now is capped out and has no workforce while its competitors continue to get away with hiring illegal workers. @RegencyRfg traveled to DC on April 9, 2019 to ask @RepMarciaFudge @TimRyan @RepDaveJoyce to #saveH2B!

Billy Grandy was not able to open his farm market located in Corolla, NC in 2017 due to the lack of workers. He has once again been capped out of the #H2B program this year.

Members of Congress Videos

Nine Members of Congress, flanked by hundreds of seasonal employers, addressed the importance of the H-2B program to the economy and called on their colleagues to permanently reform the program in 2019.

Jack Bergman (MI-1) explains how the H-2B program is not an immigration program.

Bill Johnson (OH-6) explains that the H-2B cap affects small business, not big business. Small businesses are the engine of the American economy.

Bob Gibbs (OH-7) refutes the common misconceptions of the H-2B program.

Lee Zeldin (NY-1) voices his frustration that hard working small business owners have to deal with the unpredictability of the H-2B program each year.

Lee Zeldin (NY-1) explains how small, seasonal business owners are the engines of the American economy.

Denver Riggleman (VA-5) explains how small, seasonal business owners are the engines of the American economy.

Without Billy Long’s (MO-7) persistence in staying on the Administration they may have never released the 30,000 visas!

Ann Wagner (MO-2) explains how every H-2B worker supports over three jobs for American workers.

Andy Harris (MD-1) explains that more Members of Congress are aware of the importance of this program to our economy. He encourages H-2B users to keep up the fight!